What is Colonoscopy?

Q: I frequently have blood in my stools for the last five years, but I do not have any pain. What could
be the reason.
A: You should definitely meet the Gastroenterologist who after taking a proper history and
examination will reach the diagnosis. Bleeding from any part of the body is abnormal and should be
taken seriously. There are multiple reasons for painless bleeding which can be diagnosed after
proper evaluation

Q: What test shall I am be undergoing?
A: After a thorough history taking, proctoscopy shall be performed. Lesions like piles, fissures,
fistulas and rectal polyps can be ascertained on initial evaluation; following which a sigmoidoscopy
or colonoscopy might be considered.

Q: What is sigmoidoscopy/ colonoscopy
A: These are endoscopic procedures to examine the large intestine. Sigmoidoscopy examines our left
half of the large intestine whereas colonoscopy examines the full length of the large intestine

Q: Is any preparation required for these procedures?
A: Sigmoidoscopy is usually performed after giving an enema whereas in colonoscopy , different
methods of preparation are available however the most commonly method used is giving two litres
of Polyethylene glycol powder dissolved in two liters of water which is to be consumed in two to
two and a half hours on the day of examination. Following the consumption of this liquid, patient
passes loose stools and the large intestine gets empty and is ready to be examined

Q:Are these procedures painful ?
A : Colonoscopy is usually done under sedation . Few patients may have temporary discomfort in the
abdomen which gets relieved soon after the procedure

Q; When does one gets the report
A : The report is given almost immediately after the completion of the procedure